Impossible Experiences

Discover the world anew. Delve into history, mystery and adventure in places you thought you knew.

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without limits

Doing the improbable. Seeing the incredible. Feeling the unimaginable. With the world at our fingertips, why settle for anything less?

With each new journey we craft new stories, tailored to the guests’ desires - each adventure is unique, whether it’s a one-off event or a series of encounters.

Asaro never fails to captivate, excite and educate with experiences that capture the spirit of discovery and create memories to last a lifetime.

Plot a course through history

A journey of discovery and mystery


Heroic challenges


Your epic adventure...

The Heart

Asaro’s directors epitomise its spirit. Their wealth of experience, commitment and expertise mean that each event is delivered with seamless precision.


George is a man with boundless drive and ambition - the bigger the challenge, the better. With a history of delivering events on a global scale, and three years of leading Asaro into the unknown, George knows that seamless delivery requires meticulous preparation (and flexibility!).

A natural explorer and team leader, George keeps a cool, calm head no matter the circumstances. When he sets sail on every adventure, there's only one thing on George's mind: how to go bigger and better than before, showing you the world in a brand new light!

The world of yachting demands the best, but George doesn't give you the best, he gives you the impossible...


The past is full of stories, and Kirsty loves nothing more than to bring them to life.

Since the very beginning Kirsty has acted as the rudder of Asaro's operation: always steering the job in the right direction. Fifteen years experience at a FTSE 250 means that every job, no matter how great or small, is done with absolute professionalism and precision.

Thorough, adventurous and an instinctive problem solver, Kirsty is able to create and deliver to an exceptional level. With Asaro, standards of service are paramount, but even more important than that is the need to inspire, invent, discover and explore...

Our Finest


Over the years we’ve sourced the best talent and technical know-how to help bring our vision to life. With their skill, and Asaro’s experience, we can create wonder...

  • Theatre

    Everything from actors to directors, musicians to acrobats. Drama at your fingertips.

  • Creative

    Expert craftsmen, designers and artists make sure our guests are transported to a whole new world.

  • Adventure

    Learning and discovery lies in every corner, brought to life by local guides, historians and adventurists.

  • Technical

    Experienced production technicians make magic possible - whatever we can think up, they can make it real.

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Ready for a more enriching yachting experience? Let Asaro change the way you see the world. If you’re a client of Ocean Independence, you can also reach us through your Ocean broker.

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Trusted Expertise

Combining unrivalled events expertise with unique yachting needs.

  • Event

    To create and deliver the perfect live event, requires meticulous attention to detail and being ready for anything.

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  • Suppport Boat

    Our experience in managing support boats means we run a tight ship.

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  • Location

    We pay special attention to location: whether visiting a new destination or seeing the same spot in a completely unique way.

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  • Yachting

    Asaro is proud to be working alongside some of the finest names in the yachting industry.

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Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a spectacular new events program or just a safe pair of hands to steer you in the right direction, we’re always ready to listen. Get in touch to discover more, including behind-the-scenes access. Or if you’re simply intrigued, follow us for inspiration.

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